The Holidays Are a Time for Expert Tree Service in Brainerd, MN

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It’s probably hard to believe, but we’re now well into the holiday season! With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas just a few short weeks away, holiday parties are in full swing. Plus, there’s that small matter of all the out-of-towners coming in to visit—aunts, uncles, siblings, old friends and acquaintances—and chances are, you’ll find yourself hosting them at some point.

Make sure you put your best foot forward this holiday season with a beautiful front yard. One important part of this process is investing in quality tree service in Brainerd, MN, and that’s where a tree expert can be a holiday lifesaver.

Keeping Christmas classy

We spend so much time decorating our homes, but the first thing guests see when they arrive is the front of the house, and that includes not just the wreaths and lights, but also the trees themselves. Think about what kind of statement you’re trying to make with your foliage: do you want it to be bold or understated? Tall or short? Part of any good company’s tree service in Brainerd, MN will be to help you curate your trees so they fit your tastes.

The one fundamental quality any landscape has in common is good pruning. The holidays are no time to shirk on our lawn duties, and that means getting all those dead or rotting branches trimmed back, and pruning any plants that are getting wild or require seasonal pruning in order to come back at their very finest.

Photo approved

One of the longest-lasting things about the holiday season is the photos. From selfies to professional group shots, each photo has a special meaning behind it, and each deserves the proper backdrop. Your yard can be the perfect place for all types of photos—especially if your trees are worthy of inclusion. This means that, in addition to pruning, you should ask your tree maintenance company to make sure your foliage is symmetrical. After all, you don’t want one tall tree on the left side of the door, and its matching, much-shorter mate on the right side, when they are supposed to look the same!

Holiday cheer

Another wonderful thing about Christmas is the lights: multi-colored lights, flashing lights, delicate white lights and so many more. Of course, your indoor Christmas tree is a prime location for lights, but there are tons of places to string these cheerful bulbs during the season. It’s great to have such a variety of lighting options at our fingertips, and many families love the tradition of putting up Christmas lights, inside and outside, together at the start of the holidays. Your outdoor trees are the perfect place to string the family’s favorite lights, and they’ll look extra beautiful if the trees are in top shape ahead of time.

When it comes to Christmas, you’ve got to have the best tree service in Brainerd, MN. So give Tree Trimmers a call—we’ll help you get your yard ready for a season of celebration in style!

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