Stump Grinding: A Key Aspect of Our Tree Service in Brainerd, MN

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Are you planning to have a tree removed from your property? Or perhaps you recently had tree service performed in Brainerd, MN, and you haven’t been sure how to get rid of the stump that remains.

Learn more about what stump grinding entails and why it is recommended.

What does stump grinding accomplish?

Stump grinding is usually completed after a tree is removed from your yard or other property. If you’re putting in the effort and money to remove a damaged or otherwise unwanted tree, it makes sense to also remove the stump to keep the surrounding landscape attractive and fresh.

Beyond aesthetic reasons, any remaining stumps after a tree is removed may spread disease to nearby healthy trees. Also, if a stump is left to decay, it may attract termites, white ants and other pests that can damage your yard or garden.

Stumps that remain after a tree is removed can also be a tripping hazard for children playing or anyone else walking through your property. Not only that, but if you unintentionally hit a tree stump with your lawn mower, you risk damage to your equipment.

Stumps can lead to new tree growth, as small trees can develop around the stump. Along with being unattractive, it can be time-consuming and frustrating trying to remove these new trees because they may grow back multiple times. These small trees often take the nutrients from nearby plants, which can be undesirable if you have other plants that you are trying to maintain.

Need an additional incentive for arranging for stump grinding on your property? The professional you hire can provide you with mulch produced from the stump that you can use to keep the rest of your property well landscaped and maintained.

Why should you hire a professional?

Even if you don’t mind performing other landscaping tasks, as a non-professional, you’ll likely find yourself expending quite a bit of time and energy trying to remove the stump with an axe.

A professional will have the correct tools, machinery and safety equipment and gear to perform the job quickly and accurately the first time, resulting in fewer headaches for you and a healthier, more attractive yard or garden. They will also know how to prepare the area close to the stump before they perform any work, so that any rocks or other similar items will not cause damage to the equipment.

Plus, if you have already hired a professional to remove a tree, arranging for them to also remove the stump during the same visit is a logical decision.

When you’re ready to have stump grinding or other tree service in Brainerd, MN, you need an expert who can get the job done knowledgeably and promptly. That’s where Tree Trimmers comes in. We’re a fully licensed and insured, full-service provider of tree care.

In addition to stump grinding, we offer tree removal, tree pruning, tree grooming, storm damage cleanup, lot clearing and tree climbing. The professionals at Tree Trimmers arrive on site, ready to work, with the expertise and foresight to address any and all arboreal needs your trees might have. Give us a call today!

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