Why and When Should You Hire a Professional for Tree Trimming in Brainerd, MN?

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Have you been meaning to look into tree trimming in Brainerd, MN? Learn more about what trimming your trees accomplishes and what timing makes sense for this task.

What is tree trimming?

When you hire a professional to perform tree trimming, they will remove any unnecessary stems or branches to ensure that a tree remains as attractive as possible and in good condition. In addition, arranging for routine trimming maintenance for certain plants can result in flower and fruit growth and allow your tree to remain consistently dense.

Trimming will involve eliminating dead branches or branches that have become diseased or damaged, reducing the chances that insects and decay will find their way into the tree. A professional might also determine that it makes sense to remove low-hanging branches that could potentially fall on people or property, causing injury or damage.

If a tree has a dense canopy, a tree services professional might trim it to give it a chance to receive more sunlight and air, meaning that it will be less likely to experience disease.

When should you arrange for trimming?

Experts recommend trimming at the time that you plant. This is considered good preventative maintenance that will help new trees grow strong and healthy. If you hire a professional to trim at planting time, they will likely only need to remove damaged or diseased branches.

Once the tree is planted, there are certain times of year when trimming is valuable and other times when it is not recommended. Trimming a tree during a period when it is not growing (likely in the winter) will serve the purpose of ushering in new growth when spring arrives. However, it’s a good idea to wait until the coldest part of the season has ended before trimming.

In the summer, many trees have already experienced their seasonal growth, making this a good time for trimming. Trimming at this point in the growth cycle allows for removal of any dead limbs or limbs that appear to be hanging too low.

Experts tend to recommend against trimming in the fall. Fall is a time when trees typically are on their way to becoming dormant, and by not waiting until they have become dormant to trim, any trimming will result in new growth. This in turn can lead to a weaker tree, resulting in the opposite effect of what you intended.

Why should you hire a professional?

Tree services professionals have extensive expertise when it comes to knowing which parts of a tree to remove or trim and which to keep so that your tree remains healthy.

A professional you hire will also have the proper tools to perform the job, and will bring the correct safety-related equipment to ensure that they and anyone in the area where the work is being performed are not injured.

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