Bad Tree Pruning Practices You Need to Avoid

Regular pruning is essential for maintaining tree health and beauty. However, incorrect pruning can do more harm than good to your trees. As the go-to pros for tree trimming in Underwood, MN, the experts at Tree Trimmers share some of the bad tree pruning techniques you should avoid. 

bad tree pruning

Improper Pruning Cuts

You want your trees to recover quickly after pruning, but this may not happen with improper cuts, like a stub or flush cut. 

A stub cut is when you cut too far from the tree’s trunk. This leaves a virtually dead branch on the tree, which will rot backward through the root collar’s center and into the tree’s trunk. 

On the other hand, a flush cut is when you cut too close to the trunk. In this way, you remove the branch collar and leave a huge wound on the tree’s side, which might not heal properly. Both of these cuts can lead to tree death. 

Pruning Large Branches

You shouldn’t prune tree branches with diameters over three or four inches. Your tree can have a hard time sealing off the large wounds that would result from the pruning. 

You’re better off removing large-diameter branches by cutting them back to the trunk, which allows the branch collar to seal the wound. However, this approach will depend on the tree’s crown and branch structure. 

Heavy Pruning in the Growing Season

When you prune a tree heavily during the growing season, usually between spring and late summer, the tree might starve. It may not be able to make sufficient food when you remove too many leaves. 

Also, drought often occurs in summer. Since your tree may already be stressed from over-pruning, it’ll have a hard time surviving with a lack of water. 

Topping a Tree

Our list of bad tree pruning mistakes can’t be complete without mentioning topping trees. This is when you cut off the top of your tree. It can cause unnecessary stress to the tree and unbalance its structure, increasing the risk of falling. 

Topping usually occurs when a tree outgrows the space you allocated it. For this reason, it’s critical to consider the highest height the tree can reach before you plant it. 

Using Dull Equipment

You might think using dull tools to prune your trees isn’t a big deal, but they can cause severe damage to trees. Unsharpened tools often create rough cuts that shred or rip the bark, resulting in larger wounds. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Hiring a qualified tree care professional can help you avoid these bad tree pruning practices, including dealing with dead limbs on a tree, and more. If you need help with tree pruning in Underwood, MN, Tree Trimmers is the go-to local arborist.

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