An Exploration of Professional Tree Removal Procedures

Sometimes, trees adversely affect your property and require removal before they become a safety threat. Professional arborists utilize several tree removal procedures to remove trees and tailor their approach for each project. To explain more about these procedures, Tree Trimmers put together some common tree removal methods used in Underwood, Minnesota.

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The Importance of Tree Removal

Although trees provide numerous benefits to homeowners and their properties, heavily damaged, diseased, and dying trees can cause several issues and even put your family at risk. These trees become more susceptible to falling, leading to significant property damage, injuries, and even death.

Removing dangerous trees swiftly ensures your property remains safe while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. It also decreases the likelihood of pest infestations since many target unhealthy and decaying trees. 

Three Tree Removal Methods Arborists Use in Underwood, MN

Professional tree services use several tree removal procedures to eliminate trees from Underwood properties. They modify their methods depending on the size of the tree, its health, location, and more. Below, we list some common tree removal methods and when arborists use them.

1. Traditional Tree Removal

Traditional tree removal consists of cutting the tree into sections starting from the top of the tree’s canopy. Arborists prune several limbs while ensuring they don’t fall on surrounding structures or team members. They continue pruning until only a small stump remains, enabling them to grind it into the soil.

2. Crane Removal

Professionals use crane removal to eliminate large trees encroaching on power lines, homes, and their surroundings. It gives arborists more control over the tree removal process, significantly reducing the chances of property damage. 

Starting at the tree’s top, arborists cut the tree into sections and secure each piece to the crane. The crane safely transports the limbs to the ground, preventing them from falling on your home, vehicle, and other arborists. They continue cutting the tree until it’s small enough to remove manually.

3. Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal shares many similarities with the traditional removal process but emphasizes safety and speed. They assess the tree’s structure and determine the best way to cut into the tree trunk. They may remove limbs beforehand or chop the tree down immediately. 

They make specific cuts to guide the tree in a specific direction before chopping it into small pieces for easy transport.

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