What Are the Signs of Ash Tree Disease in Alexandria, MN?

What are the signs of ash tree disease? If you have a lovely specimen that seems under the weather, it’s easy to panic and make a hasty diagnosis.

As the go-to tree service in Alexandria, MN, our team at Tree Trimmers knows a thing or two about arboreal maladies. Keep reading as we highlight the most crucial details, from the causes of this disease to their most common symptoms.

what are the signs of ash tree disease

The Most Common Diseases

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi — these microscopic menaces are often the root culprits behind a declining ash specimen. They enter the plant, usually through wounds or openings in the bark, and cause the following.

Ash Yellows Disease

Ash yellows disease stems from a pesky phytoplasma (a bacteria-like organism) that can wreak serious havoc on your tree’s health. It causes stunted growth and pale, yellowed leaves, hence the moniker. If you peek closer, you might also spot some thinning in the upper canopy and dieback on the branches. 

Severe cases could even cause your specimen to kick the bucket within a few years. This illness is more prevalent in stressed flora, so maintaining a healthy garden environment is key.

There is currently no existing treatment for ash yellows. Your best course of action is to remove the infected tree before it spreads to the rest of your garden.

Ash Rust

If you spot some funky-looking spots on your tree’s foliage, you might have a case of ash rust. In early summer, you may notice the tree’s leaves developing tan to dark spots, often along the veins. These spots can enlarge and coalesce as the season progresses.

Removing fallen leaves can help reduce the disease’s impact. Fungicides serve as a useful preventive measure, especially during wet spring weather.

Verticillium Wilt Disease

Verticillium wilt comes from a soil-borne pathogen, meaning that once it’s in your garden, it’s pretty hard to evict. Your ash might have it if you see wilting, yellowing, and browning leaves that often start on one side.

Your best bet against this menace is prevention. Plant naturally resistant varieties and consider soil fumigation when necessary.


What are the signs of ash tree disease caused by insects? Keep an eye out for these warning signs:

  • Mysterious holes and bark deformities
  • Discarded wings or old exoskeletons
  • Unexplained foliage discoloration or premature leaf drop
  • Gall formations or abnormal growths

Some critters, like the emerald ash borer, are more covert. Their larvae feed under the bark, and the damage only becomes visible two to five years after the infestation.

Consult a Local Arborist

What are the signs of ash tree disease? With so many potential culprits, it can feel overwhelming to deal with on your own. 

Why not leave this headache to our crew at Tree Trimmers? We know how to assess infected trees, whether you have white, black, or green ash, and pinpoint the right treatment for a swift recovery. 

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