How Do Trees Survive Winter in Alexandria, MN?

Considering how brutal winters in Alexandria tend to be, you might wonder how your trees are able to brave the snow and cold temperatures. As soon as temperatures rise, they seem to spring back to life almost immediately.

How do they do it? How do trees survive winter?

Read on as we take a look at the inventive ways your trees handle freezing temperatures.

How Trees Withstand Winter

With temperatures dropping to below zero during winter, it’s hard to imagine any living being surviving an Alexandria winter. However, your trees do a terrific job at it. Have you ever wondered, “How do trees survive winter?” Wonder no more.

They Drop Their Leaves

If you have deciduous trees, the lack of leaves during winter is a familiar sight. Considering how essential leaves are to a tree’s survival, falling leaves might be worrying. This isn’t always the case, though.

When trees lose their leaves, they are able to improve their water retention. This is extremely helpful in frigid temperatures.

Their Bark Insulates Them

Your tree’s trunk and branches provide insulation, protecting it against the cold. The trunk’s color, texture, and density increase a tree’s tolerance by dispersing heat and reflecting light.

They Enter Dormancy

Just like how some animals hibernate during winter, most trees enter dormancy to conserve energy. During this process, your tree will go through various changes that harden the cells, making them immune to the damage the cold weather can cause.

What About Evergreen Trees?

You know how deciduous trees handle the cold, but what about evergreen trees? Since they retain their leaves all year round, how do these trees survive winter?

For starters, evergreen trees hold much less water. Also, their leaves have a wax-like coating that protects them from freezing. This is how they are able to keep their leaves throughout winter and still survive.

How You Can Get Your Trees Ready for Winter

Though your trees have developed various mechanisms that help them get through winter, they will still need a bit of help. The better prepared a tree is, the more likely it is to survive winter unscathed.

To get your trees ready for winter, you should:

  • Prune your trees
  • Mulch the base to insulate the roots against cold temperatures
  • Give them sufficient water

Hiring a tree service company in Alexandria, MN, will allow you to get the professional help you need to prepare your trees in the best way possible.

Full-Service Tree Maintenance Services

Winter is a worrying time for tree owners. Many of them often wonder if their trees will make it to spring.

The good news is that asking yourself, “How do trees survive winter?” can help you prepare your trees to face the harsh season.

At Tree Trimmers, we offer professional tree care services that help keep your trees strong and healthy year-round. From removing large tree branches to helping with mulching, we’ll have your tree ready to face the brutal cold.

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