Can a Partially Uprooted Tree Be Saved in Alexandria, MN?

Trees are breathtaking parts of your landscape that offer filtered sunlight, vibrant foliage colors, and a serene rustling sound as the wind blows through the leaves. However, visible veiny roots not only reduce the appeal but also threaten your towering natural structure. So, the real question is, “Can a partially uprooted tree be saved?”

Below, our full-service team breaks down the factors determining whether a tree will survive uprootings and where to go when you need reliable tree service in Alexandria, MN.

What Does It Mean When a Tree Becomes Uprooted?

When a tree uproots, the entire root system doesn’t always become visible. Instead, especially with larger trees, the deeper structural roots hold onto the ground, leaving the tree leaning diagonally. Therefore, some roots snap as the tree topples while others strain excessively to hold the enormous tree just a few feet off the ground. 

When this occurs, the tree loses about 25% of its roots (maybe more), and most trees cannot survive this. Still, restoring a partially uprooted tree is not impossible with the right care techniques.  

Smaller trees have unestablished root systems that don’t hold as firmly to the ground, which means although it takes less to push the tree over, it likely won’t lose any roots on the way down. So, it’s more likely to survive uprootings than larger trees, but when is rescuing a partially uprooted tree possible, despite its size?

Saving a Larger Tree

The answer to “Can a partially uprooted tree be saved?” is more difficult the bigger the tree. Not only are the roots jeopardized, but the tree’s weight causes a lot of branches to break upon impact, giving the tree more wounds that need healing alongside more pests and diseases it needs to fight off. However, you can truly tell whether the tree will make it with tree stabilization techniques. 

If you turn the tree upright and replant it just to find it won’t stay up on its own, there’s also a good chance it won’t absorb water and nutrients like it used to. In this case, recovering a partially uprooted tree is not an option. 

Assessing Partially Uprooted Trees That Are Smaller

Smaller trees, especially those ten feet and under, fall a shorter distance, which means there’s less branch breakage and more intact roots. So, slowly pick up the tree without jerking or turning it while repositioning it (to avoid further damage) and backfill the hole with soil. If it remains standing, water it thoroughly after patting the soil down to reduce erosion, and the replanting process is complete. 

From Trimming to Transplanting, We Do It All!

Salvaging a partially uprooted tree is no easy feat. Unfortunately, anything from erosion that weakens the roots’ grasp on the earth to storm damage in Underwood, MN, plays a role in these damages. 

So, when asking, “Can a partially uprooted tree be saved?” trust our licensed and insured team at Tree Trimmers with the answers. We’ll offer 24/7 high-quality services and a free estimate when you call (218) 205-2229!

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