How to Address Iron Deficiency in Trees in Alexandria, MN

When trees start to fade to an unsightly yellow, they probably have iron deficiency or iron chlorosis. The condition may seem alarming, but several remedies can restore the vibrancy to your leaves.  

As a reputable tree service company in Alexandria, MN, the Tree Trimmers crew delves deeper into tree health and iron deficiency. Keep reading to understand the causes, symptoms, and iron deficiency treatment for trees.  

iron deficiency in trees

What Causes Iron Deficiency in Trees?  

Trees become iron deficient when they grow in low-oxygen soil with a high soil pH, most commonly resulting from:  

  • Overwatering  
  • Herbicide damage  
  • Compacted soil  
  • Over-fertilizing  

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency in Trees  

Iron deficiency in trees causes a lack of chlorophyll which helps with food production and gives leaves their beautiful green color. A lack of chlorophyll, therefore, causes the leaves to yellow and veins to darken.  

Iron deficiency in tree leaves becomes apparent when leaves first turn yellow, then progress to a white shade and become brown as the condition worsens.  

Since tree iron deficiency symptoms look similar to other tree health issues, always hire an expert to test your soil before starting any treatment.  

How to Treat Iron Deficiency in Trees  

Correcting iron deficiency in trees involves three primary techniques. Get a certified arborist’s opinion as to the best option for your trees:  

Soil Treatment  

This technique involves mixing equal parts iron sulfate and elemental sulfur. Next, make holes in the ground one to two inches in diameter and 12 to 18 inches deep. Space the holes 18 to 24 inches apart and keep them within the tree’s drip line.  

You want to leave the job to an expert to eliminate any guesswork and guarantee superior results.  

Trunk Injections  

For this technique, use a sharp brad-point drill bit to inject holes in the root flares close to the soil surface. Then, inject the trunk with iron citrate or ferrous sulfate. This technique carries the highest risk but yields lasting results.  

Trunk injections can prove effective for two or more years. Always follow the label instructions for the products you use and hire a certified arborist for the job if you have any concerns about damaging the tree trunk.  

Foliar Application  

Spraying the leaves of the affected tree with an iron chelate or iron sulfate solution works well as a quick treatment option for iron deficiency in trees. Apply the solution during the tree’s growing season; you may need several applications.  

Spray in the evening or during cool weather conditions, and remember to add a few drops of detergent to help the solution adhere to the leaves. Nonetheless, tree iron chlorosis management need not be a hassle when you hire an expert.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

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  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree removal  
  • Storm damage  
  • Land and lot clearing  

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