Lot & Land Clearing in Underwood, MN

Getting your lot ready for a new development? Need help handling unruly brush and debris? Tree Trimmers can help you get your land ready for whatever comes next. We offer lot and land clearing in Underwood, Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes, Brainerd, and Pelican Rapids, MN, handling brush, debris, forage and tree clearing to get your landscape back to a level-set state. Our team works quickly, leaving behind a tract of land that’s clean and pristine.

  • Lot clearing: Planning on building on your lot? Call us to get the site ready for construction and development. We’ll clear away both trees and ground-level shrubs to prepare the site for grading and any earthmoving that’s soon to come.
  • Land clearing: If you have a construction plan in hand and need someone to come in for early-stage site prep work, give us a call for land clearing. We’ll clear away any foliage or forage to make way for construction staking and earthmoving.
  • Brush clearing: Is your lot overgrown and under-maintained? We’ll come through and cut everything down to size! Our brush clearing services make quick work of the overgrowth so you can navigate the property without wading through the tall grass.
  • Debris removal: If you’ve recently felled a tree, torn down a small outbuilding or are performing extensive cleanup to a site, the job isn’t done until you call us for debris removal in Underwood, MN. We’ll haul it away so you can focus on lot maintenance.

Whatever services your lot needs in the way of maintenance and clearing, Tree Trimmers is prepared to help. Our land and lot clearing services will take care of brush, overgrowth, decaying foliage, general debris and anything else that doesn’t belong on your land. Contact us today at 218-205-2229 to schedule an appointment for tree trimming and other tree services or to have us take a look at your property.

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