stump grindingIf you’ve recently had a tree removed and have been left with a stump as a reminder of what once stood there, you’re probably looking for a good way to get rid of it. The problem is, a full tree stump removal in Fergus Falls, MN can be tremendously expensive and highly invasive, leaving behind a crater that requires filling in.

Tree Trimmers offers a smarter, less invasive way to get rid of your stump, without paying a hefty price to do it. We’re pleased to offer stump grinding services, aimed at eliminating your stump and restoring the aesthetic of your property.

Stump grinding explained

Stump grinding works by cutting down the stump until it’s below the level of the ground surrounding it. The stump is then killed off and covered, allowing natural grass to grow over it once again. In a short time, you’ll never even know there was ever a tree there!

It’s important to realize that not just anyone can properly grind down a stump. It takes the right equipment, experience, and proper foresight to be a stump grinder in Fergus Falls, MN. When you need assurance of all of these things, trust Tree Trimmers to help you get rid of your stump.

Call for stump grinding

It doesn’t matter the size of your stump or the depth of the roots, Tree Trimmers is ready to provide you with stump grinding that restores the beauty to your scenery. We’ll quickly and effectively grind down your stump so that it can be covered and resolved.

For more information regarding pricing or to inquire about the process and why it’s a smart alternative to full stump removal, give us a call today at 218-205-2229. We’re happy to consult with you regarding your stump and can even take down a tree and perform stump grinding for you in one fell swoop!

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