Tree Service in Brainerd & Fergus Falls, MN

treesTree Trimmers provides extensive tree removal and storm damage cleanup throughout Brainerd & Fergus Falls, MN. And if there’s a storm here whether it causes your home’s yard to be covered in debris and branches, or the wind knocks an old tree into your roof, Tree Trimmers can help. We provide extremely thorough storm damage cleanup.

Tree Removal

Our highly trained staff can remove any tree no matter how large or how deeply rooted in the ground it might be. We can even remove multiple trees from your property or lot. No tree removal project is too large or small for us here at Tree Trimmers. We have nearly 20 years experience in tree removal and related services in Brainerd & Fergus Falls, MN. Our tree removal services include:

    in tree which chainsaw

  • Tree climbing:
    As funny as that might sound, sometimes having a professional climb your tree to check for potential problems can help you determine if a sick or damaged tree needs to be removed before it falls down and causes costly property damage.
  • Tree pruning:
    Having old, dead branches removed from your trees can help prevent issues with falling debris and other tree parts during a storm.
  • Full tree removal:
    Whether it’s due to a tree being old and sick, or because you’re building an extension or covered patio, sometimes it’s necessary to remove a tree to make way for the new structure.
  • Lot clearing:
    Tree Trimmers can remove as many trees from any yard or lot as needed whether it’s to redo new landscaping or creating a new housing development.
  • Stump grinding:
    Our tree removal services here in Brainerd & Fergus Falls, MN always removes the entire tree. We won’t leave unsightly stumps behind. If you have stumps leftover or chopped down a tree yourself, we can also remove old tree stumps left behind.

Storm Damage Cleanup

When there’s a strong wind blowing, or a severe storm, branches, leaves and other debris can become strewn all over your yard. Entire sections of trees or even a whole tree sometimes fall down, blocking your driveway, causing severe damage to your house, or just getting in the way. You don’t need to worry because here at Tree Trimmers, we can provide you with storm damage cleanup that’s second to none. Our staff will make sure your home’s yard is completely clear and safe. We won’t leave until everything is cleared away.
leaning on cut down tree in snow
If you need tree removal services or a storm has left your yard a mess, call Tree Trimmers in Brainerd & Fergus Falls, MN today.

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