When you call out a company to provide your trees with proper care and maintenance services, you don’t want to have to worry about if they know what they’re doing or not. At Tree Trimmers, it’s always evident that our professionals know what they’re doing. We arrive on-site, ready to work, with the expertise and foresight to address any and all arboreal needs your trees might have.
We’re more than just another tree trimming service in Fergus Falls, MN: we’re your full-service provider of tree care. Some of the focuses we offer include:

Tree removal

If your tree is old, dilapidated, infected or just a nuisance, give us a call for tree removal in Fergus Falls, MN. We’ll fell it appropriately and ensure it’s properly disposed of.

Tree pruning

Thinning out a tree is important for healthy growth, since overcrowded trees often experience rotting branches, listing growth patterns and other detriments. We’ll thin your tree appropriately with targeted pruning services.

Lot and Land clearing

Need multiple trees cleared from a lot to make way for a new development? We’ll execute tree removal in Fergus Falls, MN quickly, so you can proceed on time and within budget.

Professional tree climbing

Need someone to climb your tree to examine it up close? Owner Lukas Sem has 18+ years of tree climbing experience and can help evaluate your tree’s needs from up in the branches.

Get in touch with us today for any of the above services! We’re happy to provide quotes on all of our capabilities and look forward to speaking with you. Call 218-205-2229!

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